Together, lets create a world
of healing and support.

Healerverse is Welcoming All Spiritual Guides, Holistic Healers, Coaches, Gurus, Wellness Organizations, and Seekers unite in a community free from conventional limits.

This is a welcoming community, where we support everyone and meet them where they are at. We are all connected. When one heals, we all heal.

Experience Transformational Services, 24/7 Verified Healer Workshops, Enlightening Virtual and Local Events, and Personalized Direct Messaging.

Connect, Collaborate, and Thrive with like-minded friends.

Our Mission

To Level up Global Collective Consciousness by Dissolving Barriers with Unity through Healing and Transformation of the Mind, Body, and spirit.

Our Vision

Heal the world! - Fostering a space for spiritual growth, collaboration, learning, and the shared mission of global ascension.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual's journey in this digital realm. You're not an outsider; you're an essential pixel in our digital tapestry. Our online community thrives on diversity and unity.

Values of Healerverse:

  • Community: Finding like-minded healers and friends locally and globally.
  • Unity: United in spirit, connected through Healerverse. Everyone is welcome!
  • Integrity: Upholding honesty and courage in all our interactions.
  • Inclusivity: Valuing every individual, in both digital and physical spaces.
  • Authenticity: A space of freedom, without limits, where you can be your true self.

We are committed to giving back to making a difference in our local and global communities.

  • Have a cause? Connect with us at givingback@5dhealerverse.com
  • We invite all missions to join Healerverse as a Verified Organization!
  • Let’s create a more open, and impactful world together.

Healerverse Metaverse: A Digital Frontier

Healerverse is committed to making the biggest global impact and leading the way with the healing community with Web 3 and Web 4! Healerverse will revolutionize every aspect of Community, Connection, Unity, Creation, and Healing: Decentralization, Anonymity, Virtual Reality, Digital Art, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts, and web 3.5 technologies.

About the Founder

Trish Kane
Trish Kane

MBA, Healer

“In 2014, I was found unresponsive by paramedics after my mother had a feeling something happened to me and had a wellness check done on me. I was found with a body temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius, resuscitated twice and brought back to life. During that experience, I went to “the other side,” as humans call it. It was the most profound experience of my life. This was preceded by a 9 day coma and no hope of me waking up according to doctors. They told my parents that “I would indefinitely be brain dead.” I did wake up to the news that I was comatose for 1.5 weeks, all my organs died and were kept alive by machinery. I also had 2 strokes from lack of oxygen to my brain.

I re-learnt everything again. To walk, feed myself… You name it! My left eyeball didn’t move and my face was droopy. Some recovery experiences took days, months or even years to completely heal, but I healed and better than before. This near-death experience reshaped my life, and it was the spiritual and holistic healers who guided me back, helping me not just to survive but to thrive!

Fast forward to 2020 when I received the call to build Healerverse. My healer friends and I were “struggling” with alternative social platforms, and I had just moved to Colorado. I was disappointed with the content being permitted on other platforms and Healers content wasn’t. Additionally, I had no luck finding healers near me on google. The world deserves better than this. To find friends near us, to find healers near us and virtually globally. To give all healers the opportunity to shine! P.S. I’m a healer, and healers need healing too! If you know, you know. Happy Age of Aquarius and technology for good. It’s time to have a genuine space to find all things healing, freedom and community. It’s Healerverse time! Welcome!”

Inclusivity Statement

We embrace everyone's journey being different and love you for exactly where you're at. We believe no one is on the outside. We're all one and embrace individuality. It takes a community to come together, to work together and to Heal The World.

Web Accessibility Statement

Healerverse is committed to providing accessibility to all people, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively taking steps to further improve the accessibility of Healerverse to ensure we provide equal access to all our users, and we are actively taking steps to further enhance the accessibility of our website to meet or exceed applicable standards. We request our healers and organizations to provide subtitles with all content and any other available accessibility. We continue to strive toward our goal of promoting accessibility and we would welcome your feedback on how we might improve.

Frequently asked questions

1. use a strong password and keep it confidential

2. Use our directory of healers, organizations, events, workshops and courses.

A. Introduce yourself on your feed, so everyone can get to know you.

B. Enjoy our social platform and direct messaging with healers, organizations, and friends.

C. Book an appointment with one of our healers, attend virtual events or live events, try our healer’s workshops! If you love a workshop, share it on your profile and with your friends!

D. Sign up as a Healerverse affiliate and refer your friends. https://healerverse.tolt.io/login

E. Share your Healerverse profile with friends and on social media.

A. Set up your user profile. Choose your specialties and your uniqueness!

B. Share your calendar link in your profile for appointments and your location if you choose for in-person appointments.

C. Load your workshops into the workshop portion of your profile. Choose energy exchange (price.) This feature is great for your followers to be able to purchase all your workshops in 1 place. – Workshops can be uploaded “unlisted” on YouTube and platforms alike, then put the link uploaded to Healerverse workshops and wa la!

D. Create your virtual and in-person events and share the link externally and on your Healerverse profile, so people can purchase your events tickets on Healerverse. We’ll also be doing marketing for you to assist in ticket sales.

E. Sign up as a Healerverse affiliate and refer your friends. https://healerverse.tolt.io/login

F. Share your Healerverse profile with friends and on social media.

A. The introductory cost is $222/year or $22/month. You can lock in this rate in the first 3 months after launch. You can lock in this rate for life by joining our mission and supporting us by being our first Healers and Organizations on Healerverse

B. Healerverse takes a transaction cost of 10%/workshop, event and course sold; (Less than our leading competitors) from the total purchase price.

C. The payment processor fee is passed onto the purchaser. It’s usually about 3% depending on the currency.

We are building our team and are looking for divinely aligned team-members across the globe.

We are seeking members to work with us in marketing, sales, events, and welcome all other ideas!

Please submit a note to us, your resume and cover letter to support@5dhealerverse.com

Love and Abundance, Healerverse.