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USA (Headquarters): 210 N. US HIGHWAY 1 SUITE D10 #1104 JUPITER, FL 33477
UK: 275 New North Road Islington Suite 1674 London, N1 7AA United Kingdom


Mission: To level up global collective consciousness by dissolving barriers with unity through healing and transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

Vision: Heal the World.

How do I start using Healerverse?
Employment with Healerverse:

We are building our team and are looking for divinely aligned team-members across the globe.
We are seeking members to work with us in marketing, sales, events, and welcome all other ideas!
Please submit a note to us, your resume and cover letter to support@5dhealerverse.com

Healerverse Verification Options:
How do I sign in or sign up Healerverse?

Welcome to 5dhealerverse.com!!

Seekers: Enter your first name, last name, email address and password.

Healers and Organizations:Fill out your application as much as possible. The information also filters to your profile, so you do not have to

If you are not receiving emails from Healerverse:

* Please, check if your email address is correct. If you need to update it, please, do so and confirm the change by clicking Save.

* Check your spam, trash folders, and other email filters!

* Contact us at support@5dhealerverse.com if you are still having issues. We are happy to help!

Email Notifications:

How To Unsubscribe From Healerverse Notifications? You may receive the following types of email notifications from Healerverse: Notifications, New Features and Products, Newsletters, Recommendations, etc. If you want to no longer receive such emails, please follow the steps below:


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Stripe, International Credit and Debit Cards

Paypal, and Crypto coming soon! – Crypto will allow for international currencies to be transferred more efficiently. Don’t worry- we’ll teach you how to use these technologies, when they become available.

How To Solve Payment Issues?

If you encounter an error, please email support:support@5dhealerverse.com

Common Reasons for Payment Error:

Healerverse Profile

How To Edit My Profile?

To edit your profile, including your profile`s image, move your cursor to your profile image at the top right corner of the main page and click on your name or avatar picture.

To edit your profile bio, simply enter your first and last name, your headline, and what you want your biography to say, add or delete categories of your interest or expertise. Next, click Save at the bottom of the page.

How to Upload Your Profile Picture?

To upload (or edit) your profile picture, click Photo on your Profile page. Then choose an image from your computer to upload. Once it’s uploaded, you can crop it, if necessary, and then click Save.

How to Add External Links to Your Profile?

In your profile you can add link to your personal website. This link can provide more information about your experience and credentials.

To add external link to your profile, go to your Profile page and enter your information in a Personal Information box. After you’ve entered the external link, click Save.

Closing your Account?

Email support@5dhealerverse.com

How to buy a Workshop or Ticket to Event:

Finding a Healerverse Healer to work with virtually or locally near me?

Click Healers tab anywhere on our site or in the portal. View our List of verified Healerverse Healers. Check if they have their appointment booking links available or send them a secure DM, “private message.” Healerverse never reviews your messages, so they are completely private.

You can use the search function to search by type/services or location.

Healers near you will always pop up first.


Share with us! The community wants to learn from you! Share on your profile and share with others. Add all interesting people and friends as a friend! Attend events, enjoy workshops. Set up events in your local community. Share articles with us for our Refer your friends. Set up events in your local community! We are also interested in hearing form you what else you want us to add to the platform. Please email suggestions to support@5dhealerverse.com, so we can provide you the best experience possible!


All messages are secure, private and Healerverse never reads your messages. If you need to report someone, please report them to us. We expect everyone to treat everyone with respect and encourage one another on Healerverse. Your messages allow you to “DM” or Private Message Healers, Organizations, and friends.

Your messages allow you to find your messaging history with other Users, Healers and Organizations of Healerverse along with other Healerverse notifications relating to your orders, purchases, session or event reminders and website updates. You can easily find community memers through a direct search by entering the key words into the Search box.

Here you can find your purchase history of Events and Workshops on the “My Booked Events” and “My Booked Workshops” pages.

Bookings are listed in chronological order from your latest booking to less recent.

Following and Unfollowing Healers and Organizations on Healerverse?

Currently, Healerverse offers “add friend” button only instead of “follow.” We will soon update for the ability to follow friends, Healers and Organizations Healerverse. You may add Healers and Organizations as a friend to be updated on their activities.

How do I add healers, organizations and seekers as a friend?

Click add as friend on their profile to connect as a friend with every profile

How to like or dislike posts?

Click the thumbs up button on a post or unclick the thumbs up button on a post to link and unlike.

You can report posts or accounts by emailing support@5dhealerverse.com or clicking report on the individuals account that you want to report.

Do you have refunds?

There are no refunds on workshops, unless something goes wrong that the healer or organization was not able to deliver what was specified on their description. Events are refundable if they are cancelled and do not take place. Please check our privacy policy and terms and conditions for additional information.

Who can be a Healerverse Healer and Organization?

All wellness organizations and individuals are invited and encouraged to apply to be verified on Healerverse. We welcome all healers, coaches, holistic practitioners and therapists.

How do I monetize on Healerverse?

Healers and Organizations can sell their workshops on Healerverse. Everyone is welcomed to sell their event tickets on Healerverse. Everything is sharable externally.

Newsletters and Articles:

Everyone is welcome to submit articles and contribute to our newsletter and resources page! We love sharing our community. Here are some suggestions for writing articles:

How do I sell tickets to my event?

You must be logged in to create and sell tickets to your event. The events tab can be found in many locations on Healerverse, including on your personal profile. Fill out as much information as possible and upload a photo that best suits your event. Make sure to include the correct event link if it’s a virtual events and the correct address if it’s a live/in-person event.

Healerverse Monetization:

Healerverse takes 10% transactional fees on every workshop and event ticket sold on Healerverse. You can not pass this along to the individual making the purchase. That’s like paying for shipping, no one wants to do that! They’re your guests, so ensure you are taking all factors into consideration when determining your pricing on each event or workshop sale. Alternative platforms have different payment structures and we wanted to be fair for the community and for us and running the community. We offer lower transactional fees than our competitors. All payment processing fees are passed to the purchaser. 3% on average depending on stripe.

Event and Workshop Bookings

What happens when these get booked?
You will receive an email notification from Healerverse. You can also click on each event or workshop to view all purchases/purchasers and total quantity.

It is your responsibility to market your events, and workshops. All our links are sharable to external platforms. You can share the event link, workshop link and/or your unique Healerverse profile link.

We suggest giving as much information describing the event/workshop in addition to the unique event/workshop link.


In your profile, there is a section payments. Please go there to connect to Stripe.

Healerverse partners with Stripe to transfer your earnings to you. Add your bank account to Stripe to be able to receive payments for your sessions. It’s fast, secure, easy and global.

Please check our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for additional information about payments schedules. We will be adding crypto and other payment options soon.