Healerverse Terms of Service

I. Mission Statement

To level up global collective consciousness by dissolving barriers with unity through healing and transformation of the mind, body, and spirit

Healerverse is the ultimate place for seekers to find healers, healing and a community. We strive to provide a unique decentralized social media experience, which allows Seekers, Healers and Organizations to post, share stories, explore Healers, personalize their pages, and send and receive messages

Healerverse strives to be the digital community of choice for its Seekers and Healers. Our mission is to foster social connections in a fun and easy to navigate online community. We strive to maintain the strongest level of values, including being a customer-centric company which provides quality services and support to our Seekers and helps them develop and nurture important personal relationships online and also find Healers to provide different services to them all via the Healerverse platform.

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→ Definitions
  • When any of the below terms are used and Capitalized in these Terms and Conditions, they shall have the following meaning:
  • a. “Content” means any information or data that is uploaded by a Seeker onto the Platform.

    b. “Content Standards” means the Healerverse Community Content Standards.

    c. “Healer” means a duly licensed business or an individual that has a Verified Healer Account on the Healerverse Platform.

    d. “Personal Information” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual that is collected via our Website. Personal Information may include a Seeker’s: full name, physical address, email address, IP address, or other identifier such as from a Cookie. Personal Information does not include any aggregate or anonymized data that may have been created from Personal Information but can no longer be used to identify, relate to, or could reasonably be linked to a Seeker.

    e. “Platform” means the Healerverse website available at: www.5dhealerverse.com>.

    f. “Seeker” means a natural person, over the age of 16, who has a valid Healerverse account.

    g. “Services” means the support, infrastructure, and general site services offered by Healerverse.

    h. “You” or “Your” means Seekers.

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