Healerverse Master Healer Agreement

I. Your Use of Services and Agreement

This Healerverse Master Healer Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between the Healerverse, a Limited Liability Corporation of the State of Florida, (hereinafter referred to as “Healerverse,” “us,” or “we”) and the Verified Healerverse Healer and Healer may each be referred to separately as “Party,” or together as, the “Parties.”

The Parties agree as follows:

→ Definitions:

When the following terms are capitalized and used in this Agreement, they shall have the following meanings. Other terms are defined within the body of the Agreement and will be capitalized and bolded to reflect the same.

→ Access to and Use of the Services:
→ Healerverse’s Obligations:
→ Term and Termination:
→ Fees and Payments:
→ Confidentiality:
→ Data Protection and Privacy:
→ Proprietary Rights:
→ Representation and Warranties:
→ Notices:
→ Insurance:
→ Bankruptcy:
→ Indemnification:
→ Limitation of Liability:
→ Assignment:
→ Force Majeure:
→ Governing Law:
→ Entire Agreement:
→ Survival:
→ Severance:
→ Section Headings:
→ Agreement: