I LOVE HEALERVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EU facebook & instagram users now making users pay $14 a month FOR PRIVACY. Healerverse is decentralized and respects everyone's privacy here. We're changing the world by doing things differently. =) Healers and Orgs are paying for the perks of the platform, not PRIVACY! That's a non-negotiable. Invite your EU friends, friends. Have a great weekend!!
Taking a moment to welcome everyone that’s new to healerverse. All of our new healerverse healers and friends!! If you need help navigating the platform or homepage, just ask here, or you can of course email support. 😃🙌🏼 Morning thoughts: I’m feeling grateful right now for all the wins I see around me. I love watching people win. It’s a thinggg for me. I feel really connected today to air medicine. I saw a woodpecker this morning and other beautiful birds on several instances. What a day! Welcome.
I’ve always felt so close to the moon. It gives me inspiration, support and also naturally allows me to reflect and release.
Moon cycles come synchronized for me with my inner and outer realities. The more I tap into my intuition and inner-being, the more connected to the moon I feel and visa versa. Everything is divinely aligned, just like the moon cycles. Do you agree? 🌝✨♾️💜 #tonight
Tarot Tuesdays is amazing @michaelabbott !

Thank you for also hosting this event on Healerverse!! Every Tuesday on his events page.
Good morning, Healerverse!! If you love what a healer has shared, add them as a friend and check out their events & workshops. ✨✨💜💜
Introduce yourself if you’re new or looking for something or don’t know what you’re looking for and we’re ecstatic to guide you in the right direction. You can search for healers by location, specialities, etc. welcome welcome welcome and happy full moon in Gemini!!

Welcome to our new members! Welcome to Healerverse!!
GM family! Feeling the enlightened energy today. It feels like a good day to write down a fresh list of our dreams. Have you ever written down your dreams? The biggest “impossible” dreams come so close when we dream big. Give it a try!
I haven’t checked all the astrological transits in the past week, because was traveling to see family, but are you feeling it?
Happy Sag szn! 💜✨🧬
Yes I feel the energy. It feels good and has a positive vibe.
@roxannemaxwell GM love!! 💜✨
GM ✨✨✨ I’m a huge fan of winning… and by winning I mean all the wins. Big wins, little wins, ALL the wins.
💜 I love watching people win, especially when it’s a personal win...
✨When we heal, we win!
💜 What victories are you celebrating today?
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Hi loves!! For security, We suggest only working with verified healers on healerverse. Everyone is welcome to sell tickets to their events globally. Everyone is welcome to apply to be a verified healer/organization. We’ll be implementing security always, but also want to make sure you see this here as we want to stay as decentralized as possible, because it’s the way of the future. 💜💜✨✨💥💥
Also, welcome to our new healers and affiliates!!!!
@trishkane, am receiving the email notifications. Any other email you have sent ? Let's solve that. Eventually I could add an other email, technology sometimes plays with us as we are light carrier in full power !
@ameerahfattal welcome sister!!
@TrishKane.. Appreciate. I feel welcomed..
Hi beautiful Healerverse healers!!
✨✨As a gift from you to the 600 attendees at web 3 carnival in Bangalore, India in 2.5 weeks- I requested if we can send virtual gifts to the attendees from our healers to enjoy some healing after the conference and they were delighted!
I’ll be sending your workshops and upcoming events publicly listed that are on the workshop and events pages to the attendees. Much more to come. If any healers want to gift sessions or raffle a session or something, let me know! Here for you! I love you!! 💜♾️
Hi everyone! I got up on stage in front of over 200 people on Monday after being a finalist at the 10x stages conference, let them know about the why and purpose behind Healerverse and shared my story and the story of the healing community and what it’s done for me. A lot more people now know about us! I made so many amazing new friends and want to welcome the new friends that have signed up in the past weeks. Welcome to Healerverse! Yay!! PS check my post from 11.11. How accurate. So happy to have this community !