Happy Friday and Happy December! I'm Shanna Lee AKA Beautiful Meadow. How are you going to end your year? Feel free to reach out to talk about collaboration or if you need support.
Grand rising. You're beautiful and I love you! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
I love you too! Thank you!!!
I know my worth.

I am unlocking the potential of my mind.

Stress is fading away.

I deserve love and respect for who I am.

I live an enjoyable life.

I can turn my life around.

I claim my right to greater peace of mind.

I choose to slow down and breathe.

I am able to connect with myself more deeply.
Beautiful, Shanna!!! YES!
POWERFUL! So Be It! Stay Unlimited ??
Good morning loves!! @shannaleemoore @gwenlepard
Good evening from California. What was your favorite thing that happened today?
Speaking to you and my other healer friends!! Hehe! What about you love???
I am forever grateful to this company and everything I've learned over the last decade thanks to the mentoring from my sponsor. Not only has my physical body changed, also my mindset and finances. Now I can give back to the World 🌎 in new ways and add value to others by sharing what I've learned. Happy 9.5 Day! 💜💦
Thank you for sharing!!!
I absolutely LOVE this new Anniversary Limited Edition model. I first learned about this technology 11 years ago. Reach out to me with any questions or to learn more about how this 1 device can transform your health, save you money and give you your time back!
@healerversehealerverse what was the question I can help you with?
Hi beautiful @shannaleemoore ! I posted hearts as an emoji but it was the < 3 kind. Not sure why it populated to that . 😃💜♾️