2 minute transits for the Full Beaver Moon Gemini, the cosmos is buzzing :
Step into the mystical embrace of the Sage. Let him show you the path that leads beyond the ordinary, where the magic of your true self awaits #tarot
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If you are struggling to find the magic today, look at your reflection. How much more magic do you need? #tarot
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A little positive manifestation for a Monday. My art will be shown in the #NFTNYC2024 Community Artist Showcase at http://NFT.NYC This is entirely down to Trish who introduced me to Healerverse when my other socials fell off a cliff & encouraged me to enter my artwork. I created a set of Major arcana Tarot NFT's & entered them, you can see them here: I can't thank @trishkane enough for seeing the potential & helping me manifest this, you are a force of nature!
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Happy Weekend! She took a bold step, she embraced risks and altered her perspective. #tarot #stepoutofthecomfortzone
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Weekend vibes! 💜✨
Happy Tuesday! Her ethereal friend told her stories of transformation, reminding her that change is not only possible but powerful.
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2 minutes on transits & reflections for the powerful New Moon in Scorpio. Check it out under workshops on my profile, let me know what you think 🙏❤️
Thank you! I love it!!!!! Look at the Scorpio part (house) of your chart to see what’s illuminating all week long!! Get clear with your manifestations. highlight your dreams power and determination. Expect great things && affirm great things. ✨✨✨ go big!!
The future had a funny way of revealing bits of itself to her. Maybe a hunch, an invisible nudge. She learned to listen, crafting her tomorrows with the choices she made. #tarot
Yes!!! I feel this so much and this card is amazing and resonates very much. Right now I’m working on really tapping into the present and being grateful for what’s to come as I do know what the future looks like. I can see the glimpses for sure!! It’s funny how time isn’t relevant either right now except being grateful for the present moment.
@trishkane Glad you liked it. Happy New Moon!
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She had a guardian spirit, only she could see it, it gave her incredible peace, a steadfast ally in moments that seemed too vast to face alone. #tarot
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She was stepping in to her calling, she knew the change was going to be incredible, she would manifest an extraordinary tomorrow.

Start of a new week, full of opportunity ?? #tarot #mondaymotivation
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