Nicole Crowley,

Prospect Heights, United States

Coaching, Freedom, Motivational Speaker, Self-Love, Manifestation, Water Healer, Intuitive Guidance, Healing

I am here to inspire a remembrance of your genius and magic within, through an array of modalities with a focus on 5 element theory, NLP, quantum consciousness, gene keys, Egyptian healing, akashic guidance and more! I am here to empower, ignite, inspire and heal the souls called to me. I love helping guide each of us into coming into the remembrance of our own self-mastery/self-healing capabilities all while supporting every aspect of your being with liquid light water. I am dedicated to helping people see the magic within them and step into sovereignty. After being being hit by a drunk driver that triggered a heart condition and put me in chronic pain for 19 years I know the importance of gratitude, quantum consciousness and healing past traumas to ultimately bring us into healing. This is why I am so passionate about sharing these gifts and tools with others. I have a beautiful mission of illuminating the world to optimal health, infinite living and more!