Do NOT Antagonize Daemons!! We’ve Had this Conversation Before…especially the Ones Who Don’t Want to Leave (Lady Laevina)… They WILL Attack EVERY Chance They Get!!! Daemons hover and wait until YOU take your pain pills etc and take full advantage at Your Weakest Moment…😳😱😇
Yes! Don't let demons control us
HAPPY Sunday!! Just Wanted to give short synopsis of the different Services | Offer: PSYCHIC/Medium;
Remote Viewing; Tarot, Oracle & Angel Cards; Scrying with Crystal Ball, Mirror, Water, Fire & Ink; Auras;Palms; Tea Leafs; Angel Messages, Spiritual & Galactic Channelled Messages, Psychemetry, Spiritual Mentoring, Spiritual Healing, Rituals and much more! Please DM me for a Reading 🙏😇🌟✨💫
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Have YOU Realized yet How Amazing Your Hands and Palms Are? They Have their Own Chakras and Energies Separate from Your Physical Body…This is Why EVERYTHING Shows Up in Your Palms 1st before it shows in Your Body by way of diseases, disorders, etc…I Do these types of Palm Readings if you’re interested? Please DM me for details. 🙏🤩😇🌟✨💫
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Sometimes TRUTH Only Comes Out Decades Later…So it’s not really Living a Lie, Now is it??? I’m sure ALL of US have a Secret WE Take to Our Graves to spare the gory details of LIFE…Just Know that Your Secrets are Safe with ME if I ever do any kind of Readings for YOU!!! Just DM me for an Appointment 😇🌟✨💫 #spiritualawakening #spiritualmentor #spiritualhealer #spiritualguidance #spiritualjourney
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Imagine if You Will, Raised by only Your Spirit Guides, Angels and Light Beings…THIS is MY TRUE STORY! Back in the day, Life was so different. Children were expected to do more and ACCEPT that they had to Become the Parent themselves…Has Anyone Else Had This Experience or form of upbringing? This is WHY I had such a strong connection within the Spiritual Realm, Being Trained and Taught by All Spiritual Beings (55+ yrs) DM me for a Special Spiritual Reading…PS: YOU Are NOT ALONE!!🙏❤️😇🌟✨💫
SPIRIT GUIDES & ANGELS are ALWAYS Sending Signs of their Presence around YOU! Feathers are one sign YOU will SEE most often…Here are the main Colors of Feathers to Identify the MESSAGE being sent to YOU…Message ME Here for more Messages from Your Guilds! 🪶🤩😇🌟✨💫
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YOU Know Who Yours Are?
My Mom was not close with
ME growing up, BUT ever since She passed 10 yrs ago, Her Spirit, my Ancestral Guide, is with ME All Day Long and Protects ME, especially when I lay down to sleep...Have YOU Seen Yours?? I can Help YOU Connect with Yours and Channel Their MESSAGES to YOU; Just DM me for an appointment...🙏❤️😇🤩🌟✨💫
LET ME HELP YOU Spiritually Awaken so YOU Can SEE and MEET Your Spiritual Guides & Angels. You'll eventually SEE them ALL in 5D!! Message ME Here for some Guidance 🤩😇🌟✨💫
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My Andromedan Mentor, Mehdahr, is Always with ME (right lower corner you’ll see green dot and energy streaks) and HERE for YOU too! If You’d Like Some Galactic Guidance from Both of Us, Please DM me Here for an Appointment… 🙏😇🌟✨💫
ALIEN ENCOUNTERS…I am an Andromedan Starseed/half breed Greys alien…If YOU would like a Channelled Message from my Andromedan Mentor, Mehdahr, Please DM me Here for an appointment! Let’s See if YOU are a Starseed too!!
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