Benjamin Paul ,

Hertford, United Kingdom

Spiritual Alchemist, Recharge Therapy, Psychic Medium, Home Blessings, Business Recharge, Business Performance Enhancement Hub, Luxury Perfume Consultations, Virtual Healing Experiences

Hi, I'm Benjamin, the founder of The Magical World of Benjamin Paul. My healing experiences are based on 3 key elements: • The individual • Your home • Your workplace Using the power of scent, touch, energy & healing I create all-round wellness and wellbeing. My healing is called Recharge Therapy, taking ancient and traditional methods of healing in a contemporary way. I start with the individual, creating a safe space, using a blend of massage, touch, aromatherapy, crystals, music and healing. My Home Blessings & Business Recharge experiences are an extension to create a positive, more loving, balanced energy, not only for you but for your work colleagues too. Whereas, in the workplace I have received incredible results having blessed and cleansed many clinics, boutique hotels, restaurants and property conveyance services. In summary, all my clients leave with a greater sense of enrichment to their lives, and I wish this for you too.