Ayush Jha ,

Bahadurgarh, India


My name is Ayush Jha, I am doing practice of yoga since 2011. I started my journey as a yoga player represented my state [DELHI] my nation [INDIA] many times. After practicing asanas from so many years. I started my yoga studies in 2018. I worked on myself to make my yoga theory more perfect Now I am a Passionate yoga teacher with over 3+ years of professional experience in designing and leading multi style yoga classes and acquired an in-depth knowledge about postures, breathing techniques, and spiritual elements of yoga teaching. At YOG WITH AYUSH my own yoga company I am working as a teacher and Eager to share my expertise and passion with students at Mind&Soul Yoga Studio. By creating a safe space and emphasizing and synchronizing the breath, I help you to flow more easily and gracefully and at the same time deepen your practice. I love sharing wisdom that speaks directly to you so that you can bring it home as inspiration for your own life.