Alisa Picerno,

Jupiter , United States

Sound Healing, Mood Balancing, Meditation And Relaxation, Trauma Resolution, Intuitive Guidance

Alisa Picerno is founder of Sound Cascade, a holistic practice that creates a unique sound bath experience utilizing both ancient and modern instruments, including Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, buffalo drums, crystal pyramids, wood chimes, bells, ocean drums, rain sticks and other meditative musical devices that evoke both immediate and long-lasting intuition, serenity and joy. Common feedback after a session is: • Improved mood • Released tension in the body • Healing of past traumatic experiences • Access to inner knowledge and guidance • A new state of wellbeing and bliss Sound baths are designed for everyone at any age and stage of life and ideal for pregnancy, rehab, and those experiencing physical disease, mental illness, and trauma. We seek to expand the accessibility of sound baths to schools, corporate board rooms, hospitals, treatment centers, senior living communities and public festivals and events.