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Holy ShiFt

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What new tangible real-life results are you running after, as you create valuable impact with your business? How would things look like in your life, if you could naturally create those real tangible results by truly aligning and concretely connecting with your Soul? Do you want to feel in total control over your business and career, in a way that serves your relationships, your health, your prosperity, your personal aspirations? The world is changing at a mind-blowing pace. But that’s NOT fully under your control. What’s under your control is who you choose to be, how you manifest YOURSELF OUTWARDS - therefore towards the fast-paced society we live in AND how you craft and design the way you feel, act and behave. If you are committed to this - Through Holy ShiFt we commit in the matter of days, to guide you and eradicate together what is in your way and stops you from receiving the more in Life that you seek and you deserve. STOP….unconsciously rejecting greater levels of abundance and letting your system sabotage you, welcome the best life you are seeking by micro-shifting yourself, daily, into desirable states. STOP….spinning in the circle of hustling and forcing things to happen, also against your internal most important needs. Tap into Intuition, understand what YOUR state of Flow is and embrace who you are to have what you want. STOP….Unwillingly letting your people and team down, not driving results home and therefore ending up in the too common spiral of Leadership’s self-doubt and frustration. Live up to your greater vision and performances with stronger commitment, confidence and consistency! STOP…. dropping your so-valuable message in the wrong digital seas of people who do not resonate or are not ready for what you’ve got, creating unnecessary friction in your daily business life - and finally understand how to empower people to inevitably buy and receive the powerful services you have for them. See You There - Stay Unlimited dear Soul!

By Ayrton Giulio Gonnelli

Event Date & Time:

12/15/2023 06:00 am - 12/17/2023 20:00 pm( America/Los_Angeles)

2023-12-15 14:00:00

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