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Dreams & Astral Training

Event Category : Spiritual Progression

Dreams shape our lives. For eons, humans have sought to understand the depth of their soul through trying to comprehend their dreams. Similarly, astral traveling has been known to serve as a gateway into realms beyond space and time. Often leading to transcendental insights, life altering realizations & even premonitions. What if there was a way in which we could utalize our dreams and the ability to astral project to not only gain information about oursleves but to enhance our every day lives? This 2 day training will give you the keys to unlock your mind, and explore the possiblites that dreaming and astral projection can give you. We will learn techniques, mindsets and meditations to open up our brains to dimensions and experiences that expand our soul and ground us into a more fullfilling human experinece. TOPICS IN THIS COURSE: Astral Projection Dream Traveling Memory & Dream Recall Lucid Dreaming Psychic enhancement

By Krys Kristil

Event Date & Time:

07/12/2024 11:00 am - 07/13/2024 13:00 pm( America/New_York)

2024-07-12 15:00:00

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