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The Great Awakening Conference

Event Category : Virtual Summit

The Great Awakening Conference brings together speakers, visionaries, and leaders from various disciplines, creating a unique space for seekers and conscious individuals to come together in a shared exploration of higher consciousness. This gathering is an infusion of awareness into the timeline, designed to uplift, inspire and empower Multidimensional Perspectives: Gain insights into multidimensional perspectives on consciousness, spirituality, and the Great Awakening. Cosmic Awareness: Explore the cosmic landscape with speakers who bridge the gap between earthly existence and cosmic consciousness. Ascension Insights: Dive deep into the realms of ascension with practical tools and insights shared by experts in the field. Conscious Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals and be part of a conscious community dedicated to personal and collective growth. Sacred Wisdom Traditions: Delve into ancient wisdom traditions and their relevance in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the present era. Quantum Consciousness: Explore the intersection of spirituality and quantum science, unraveling the mysteries of consciousness in the quantum realm. Join Portal to Ascension for the FREE Great Awakening Conference, where insights, transformative experiences, and a supportive community converge to inspire and uplift on the journey toward higher consciousness.

By Hillis Pugh

Event Date & Time:

08/24/2024 10:00 am - 08/25/2024 18:00 pm( America/Vancouver)

2024-08-24 17:00:00